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is to improve the quality of life ofKenyan people by empowering them through education, technology and linkages to resources.


Working for Quality Village Life in Kenya

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The Ronnie Mdawida Fund

- To help foster economic systems that spread the benefits of science, technology,  the division of labor to all parts of Kenya by providing economic assistance to build capacity and to assist in initiatives for sustainable projects including small businesses and agricultural projects through access to micro-credit


- To help promote science and technology, grounded in human rationality, to fuel  the continued prospects for improving the human condition through civic

education, self-knowledge and the workings of a living democracy (confidence in one’s self, being able to stand up for one’s rights and community)


- To give aid and health education on proper nutrition, immunizations, preventative interventions like antimalarial bed nets, family planning (smaller family size and birth spacing), access to medical clinics and doctors and basic health awareness, monitoring to reduce the diseases of the poor , and     improve local medical facilities


- To provide information on agricultural issues including new seed varieties to improve food intake, water management methods (irrigation) and soil management techniques


- Provide information on alternative energy systems for remote rural areas including technologies for off-grid power, renewable energy sources (solar collectors), power generators and solar lighting systems


- To provide information on water management such as water harvesting, small-  scale irrigation, safe drinking water and sanitation


- To consult on sustainable management of ecosystems, finding alternative sources of energy and replanting trees cut down for fuel needs, conservation of ecosystem services to support crop productivity


- To provide information on improved infrastructure in villages including

 information and communications technology with larger centres, emergency

 transportation services, safer household shelter (screen doors and windows to keep mosquitoes out), piped water, modern safe cooking fuels


- To provide financial resources and human resources enhancing educational

 opportunities through scholarships for students to pursue further educational

 opportunities, building schools and libraries and providing information


The Ronnie Fund is a volunteer based, grassroots humanitarian organization initiated in 2006 by Peter and Kathy Wood of Bracebridge, Ontario. The Ronnie Fund was named after Ronnie Mwachia Mdawida, who lived with the Wood family in 2005 for 3 months as a participant in the Canada World Youth (Canada, Kenya and Tanzania) Eco-Leadership Program. The Ronnie Fun was established to assist Ronnie achieve his dream of empowering people in his native village of Wongonyi, in Voi Sub County, Taita Taveta County, located about 478 kms south of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. TheRonnie Fund also works with other communities in Kenya who are experiencing impoverished conditions and similar cycles of poverty, both in urban and rural areas. Ronnie envisions improving people’s quality of life by addressing critical challenges that plague them, key among them being health and access to health facilities; education; safe water and food security; and other basic infrastructure necessities. The Ronnie Mdawida Fund is legally registered in Kenya under registration No. OP.218/051/13-0384/9093. Over the past 14 years, The Ronnie Fund has grown as a grassroots movement impacting the lives of local communities, achieving social good through teaching strategies for resiliency and sustainability inspiring many volunteers to support transformative programs for community based needs and causes funded through the generous contributions of our donors. All projects are initiated by the communities themselves. The Ronnie Fund has been successful because of the volunteer spirit and generous support of those who believe in our ideas and approach for local sustainable solutions to community challenges by offering a “hand up not a hand out”.

The Hon. Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board for Canada has called Ronnie “a one-man NGO” and both Mr. Clement and John Lepi Lanyasunya, Kenya High Commissioner to Canada and Cuba support The Ronnie Fund/Wongonyi Village Project.

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The Ronnie Fund (Kenya)

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The Ronnie Fund (Canada)

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Our Vision:

To develop programs based on knowledge sharing , skills and training on local low cost, self-sustaining initiatives employing appropriate and adaptive technologies and innovations with a focus on Conservation and Environmental Issues.


Ronnie Mdawida and Serah Mucha

Program Managers

Peter and Kathy Wood


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