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I had an amazing time volunteering in Wongonyi, Kenya. I sincerely recommend volunteering with KSI.


- Silious  


Working for Quality Village Life in Kenya

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The Ronnie Mdawida Fund

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Unique Initiatives, Unique Differences

The Health Clinic is by far one of our best initiatives. It has long been a dream of The  Ronnie Fund to build a health clinic in the village of Wongonyi where our Community Health Care workers Beatrice, Martin and Mike, can provide primary health care and teach people about issues like health prevention, nutrition, pregnancy and baby care and hold regular clinics to help people when they first feel ill rather than them waiting until the illness is too serious for health care to remedy the situation.


The Mwambira District Hospital which is the only government run health facility is  located in a remote rural area away from any of the local villages. This District Hospital which operates more as a clinic due to lack of equipment it is a Two hour walk one way from Wongonyi and any of the surrounding villages. Due to the distance, most people wait until their illness is at the critical stage before making the trek to the hospital (if they can make the walk) and often it is too late for them to get proper care due to the limited services offered at the District Hospital. The hospital is manned only by a nurse and pharmacist and has no capacity for overnight stays. Most often patients are sent down to the hospital at Voi (40 km away) but by that time, most people’s illness is at the critical stage and they perish. There are also the sick and elderly who cannot even leave their homes due to the hilly terrain and never receive any kind of health care. It was at that time that The Ronnie Fund had the same dream to someday provide accessible primary health care to those in Wongonyi Village and therefore the birth of the Wongonyi Health Clinic.
























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Wongonyi Health Clinic.

Special Needs Classroom- Wongonyi Primary School .

The disabled is a critical problem in the community. Currently children who are born with any kind of disability are considered cursed and their parents keep them hidden away because of embarrassment. Ronnie found one boy who has physical disabilities and who was keep locked away in a smokey kitchen lying on a bare earth floor. Ronnie was able to give the family a mattress for the boy to sleep on and have encouraged the family to bring the child outdoors during the day. However, there is no facility to teach parents how to train children with disabilities. Over the past two years we The Ronnie Fund, funded the Assistant Head teacher at Wongonyi Primary School to take a two year course at the University of Nairobi in Special Education. Now Janet Mwashighadi has completed her course she has begun training other teachers to embrace disabled children and help them to get an education in whatever skills they are able to learn.




































Through generous donations from our donors we were able to restructure and renovate one of the classrooms at Wongonyi Primary School and furnish it with a few seats and tables. We now then begin to purchase teaching aids and resources to facilitate learning for disabled students. Currently Janet Mwashighadi is the Special Needs teacher in our new Special Needs Classroom at Wongonyi Primary School and we have bigger dreams of not only a classroom but would like to create a Disability Center where disabled students could come and learn and be accepted for who they are.


Please join hands with us to furnish this classroom appropriately giving every child with a special need a chance of a better life

Mghongho Leadership Centre, Demonstration Farm  and Eco- Lodge.

Entrance to the clinic Entrance to the clinic Inside clinic 2 Clinic Furniture Main Entrance clinic

  Entrance to the Clinic                                   Main Entrance
















    Inside the Clinic                                       Furniture for the Clinic

We have been fortunate to be the recipient of several memorial gifts that allowed us to initiate renovations to the Health Clinic and Doctor’s House buildings. Upon seeing our dedication to making the Health Clinic a reality the Ministry of Health of Kenya has taken over completion of the renovations and will be staffing the Health Clinic with two nurses along with providing basic equipment for primary care service for which we have been extremely grateful.


The role of The Ronnie Fund will now be to furnish the Clinic with equipment and provide resources needed but not supplied by the Ministry of Health.


Please join us and donate towards this noble cause, No amount in cash, equipment or inkind donation is too small towards this. Contact us for any information.








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Our mission to create a Leadership Centre, Demonstration Farm and Eco Lodge dedicated to living in harmony with Earth’s natural resources. To promote leadership for all with integrity putting into action peace, equality and simplicity and the sharing of global perspectives for social justice and knowledge transfer.


With limited industry in the village and district, it has become apparent that the village must create its own economic opportunities. With ecotourism on the rise and the interest in the village from several universities wanting to make study tours to Wongonyi, it is felt that the time is right to create an Eco Lodge. Our goal is  to develop a Leadership Centre with a library and resource center that responds to the educational and development needs of the community as well as providing models of alternative eco- friendly technologies, and innovative farming techniques. Some of these innovations are, solar power to light the library and resource center, use of Sun Ovens, brickmaker, oil press, Money Maker Irrigation Pumps and Biosand Water Filters. The sustainability of the library/resource centre will be accomplished by introducing the use of community computers, cell phone charging services and other information technology services (business services like printing and Internet use, etc.) which will help make the centre self –sustaining along with charging for educational workshops and courses. At the same time we aim to revitalize traditional cultural heritage and knowledge that is currently only known to the elder generation so that this vital historical information is not lost but rather celebrated and kept alive for future generations. To that end we will be video taping village elders to record their indigenous knowledge.


The Leadership Centre, Demonstration Farm and Eco Lodge is being designed by Two Organisations The Local Studio from South Africa led by Thomas Chapman and a team from JourneyMan International led by Stephanie Fellows.It will consist of classrooms, a library (resource not lending), Demonstration Farm, Eco Banda huts for accommodation and a Kitchen/Dining Hall and Lounge areaThe centre will be self-sustaining through charges to local people for use of computer time and other services. Visitors will be charged for meals, accommodations, use of classrooms, and other facilities at the Centre. Local people will benefit from the sale of their products and from the provision of services such as guiding, etc. and those that are employed at the center will be provided with a good wage. It is our plan that funds will stay within the community for the benefit of all residents of Wongonyi through the building of additional community infrastructure.




Currently we have started training in the village and have a activities run ing in preparation of the Centre.


  • Demonstration Farm is up and running.

  • Product development and design for Women dealing with Basket ( Vidasi) weaving

  • Sopa Making for Women and Youth Group.

  • Bio-sand Filter Training


We are looking to erecting these facilities that will change the lives of the community. Please help this become a reality by donating towards this cause.