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Rotary Groups


The folowing Rotary Clubs - we would like to thank you for supporting

our work in Kenya:


    The Rotary Club of Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes, Canada  

    The Rotary Club of Bracebridge, Canada  

    The Rotary Club of Gravenhurst, Canada

    The Rotary Club of Haliburton, Canada  





Western Carolina University


For several years, students from WCU have come to Kenya and spent time in

Wongonyi village learning of the work of The Ronnie Fund and adding their support.


The George Washington University, Washington DC


In April 2013 Ronnie was a guest lecturer in a Graduate course in Government corruption. Later that year a group of students came to Kenya on a eductional excursion to Wongonyi village.




Kelly Hart and Hart of Muskoka  Motel and Storage Rentals


Kelly Hart, business owner and local Lions member has given us free long term storage for the skids of tools donated by Fiskars tools. As of March 2015 we have raised $25,000 from these donated tools and shared


The 400 Market


The 400 Market offers a great shopping experience at it's location of Hwy 400 and Innisfil Beach Road, just south of Barrie. Jeremy and I spent Saturday July 28 at the market offering our Fiskars tools to the shopping public. We were able to raise over $250 for The Ronnie Fund.


With the generous donation of a complimentary booth space from market manager Scott, again all money raised will be spent in Wongonyi village, Kenya on projects there.


We had a lot of fun with friendly neighbouring vendors and 400 Market staff, Scott, Patti and especially Peter, the outgoing guy at the information booth. We had a lot of laughs and learned some valuable marketing skills watching Peter interact with the shoppers.


  - Asante Jeremy and Peter


Muskoka Transport


A second generation family owned transportation firm, Muskoka Transport operates a huge fleet of transport trucks across North America. In January of 2012 they were instrumental in delivering 8 skids of donated Fiskars tools from Mississauga to Bracebridge.


Videos from Wongonyi Kenya


Volunteer Stephan Bartsch has recorded the progress and challenges in Wongonyi village for our organization and partners.


McKenzie Seeds


McKenzie Seeds have provided a box full of vegetable seeds with a half dozen varieties of their quality product. The farmers of Wongonyi often have difficulty getting access to first quality seeds in Kenya. McKenzie's contribution will be well received in the village.


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


Baker Creek has donated many packages of thier quality seeds. They only offer open-pollinated seeds: pure, natural and non-GMO! The company carries heirloom seeds from 70 countries



Renee's Garden


Renee Shepard has extended a helping hand across the ocean. Soon farmers in Wongonyi will be able to try a wide selection of garden vegetables as a result of Renee's Garden generous donation of Vegetable seeds. This will be a valuable learning opportunity as they try dozens of different vegetables and discover what may be best suited to their farms.


Muskoka Kia, Bracebridge


Muskoka Kia teamed with the Ronnie Fund in the spring of 2009 to provide much needed sports balls for youth in Kenya. The basketballs, footballs and soccer balls will be well used by the Kenyan youth


BD Diagnostics


Becton Dickinson (BD Diagnostics) sales rep John Roe ships two new full colour laminated periodic tables to the schools in Wongonyi. The new ones will be a valuable visual aid for the science students at Allan Mjomba Secondary School in Wongonyi.


Cobra Head "The Best Tool in Earth"


Noel Valdes has joined our effort in getting quality tools in the hands of the farming families in Wongonyi village. In August 2008 we presented one Cobra Head garden weeder to the Whispering Family group of farmers. We now have a dozen more donated by Noel Valdes at Once we are able to ship them to Kenya we will post photos and comments from the farmers on this versatile and well made garden weeder.


Quality Solar Power, from Affordable Solar


Searching for quality solar equipment led us to We are indebted to Affordable Solar for their partnership with The Ronnie Fund. In August 2008 we will be taking two Dual Use AA Battery Solar Chargers with us to Wongonyi villaage. As Wongonyi is a rural village off the grid, these solar chargers will be indispensable and a significant cost savings to the villagers for a variety of battery run applications


Video Interview


Kathy and Peter were interviewed about the origins of The Ronnie Fund.


The People of Muskoka


Canadian Scouting Youth


Scouts in Whispering Pines region of Ontario are raising funds to support a Scout troop in Kenya. This linking experience will allow youth of both countries to learn of each other.




Earth friendly garden products packaged in recycled containers. Terracycle donated their excellent and earth friendly fertilizer for us to sell and raise funds for the Kenya Scout project


Fiskars Tools


A complete line for cutting tools for the garden, crafts and sewing. Fiskars has donated and shipped a selection of their quality tools to Nairobi for distribution to the farmers in Wongonyi village. More importantly Fiskars has donated multiple skid of tools as they do periodic warehouse inventory. These new tools may be last years model but the quality is known world wide. As of March 2015 we have raised $25,000 for Ronnie Fund projects and shared another $5000 worth of tools with over 30 various local charities for thier own fundraising ventures.




Canada's largest internet gardening resource site since 1996. We thank Donna Dawson and icangarden for promoting The Ronnie Fund on their widely visited website.


And, last but not least, all of the friends, family, and donors who have supported our cause along the way! Thank you!

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