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I had an amazing time volunteering in Wongonyi, Kenya. I sincerely recommend volunteering with KSI.


- Silious  


Working for Quality Village Life in Kenya

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In addition to work with The Ronnie Fund, Peter and Jeremy have a 13 year carreer in local Scouting. For the past few years Jeremy and Peter have been Beaver Sscout leaders with First Bracebridge Scouts. Also Peter has been the co-ordinator of the Whispering Pines/Ikanga Scout twinning project.

Scouts from Gravenhurst to Burks Falls have been twinned with a Scout troop in Ikanga Kenya, just a few miles down hill from Wongonyi village.


In 2008 and 2010, Scouters Jeremy and Peter visited Ikanga Scouts and shared in the international brotherhood that Scouting creates. Terracycle company, part of the fundraising partneership, doanted 50 juice jammer spencil cases for the Ikanga Scouts for the 2010 visit


In addition Scouts here have raised funds for needed uniforms, camping supplies and fees which allowed Ikanga Scout the oportunity to travel to Mombasa in 2011 and Nairobi in 2012 to large Scouting events. Without the financial support these trips would have been beyond the means of the Ikanga Scouts' families.

On Jan 26 and Whispering Pines Regional Winter Fun Day, KC Colby from CTV news visited the event and learned how Scouts have fun indoors and out as well as the interantional twining project with Ikanga

At about the 10 minute mark of the Jan 26, 2013 news cast KC Colby shows how fun local Socuting can be, indoors or out and the importance of international Scouting.

Here is the link to the newscast




They mention the collection of jucie jammer pouches but Scouts are also collecting ink jet cartridges, old MP3 players, cell phones and laptops to be recycled by Terracycle and raise money for Ikanga. The juice jammer pencil cases mentioned in the newscast can be purchased from Scouter Peter for $5 with all the money going to Ikanga Scouts in Kenya contact Peter.



The Sustainable Education Initiatives Project was introduced by The Rotary e-Club of Greater Melbourne Australia. Esther Rijk who was a volunteer in Kenya for three weeks through Kosmos Solutions International (our volunteer placement partner), saw the need to provide education and sustainably at that to the Children of St. Catherine’s Children’s Centre and Academy in Kibera where she was volunteering. On going back home, with the help of her parents and the e-club the project was born and is carrying on very well. Leo Bremanis also a volunteer introduced by Esther, visited Kenya and with help also from Australia was able to establish a great resource centre, which had various curriculum books, story books and novels as  well as computers.




The greatest milestone was that The Rotary e-Club of Greater Melbourne was able to raise funds for a Green house. This Green House shall be utilised as a source of funds to help educated the needy children of St. Catherine's. Various commercially viable food plants shall be grown in the green house, which upon selling shall provide the much needed school fees, school uniforms and also pocket money. The project is being implemented jointly by The Ronnie Mdawida Fund. and Kosmos Solutions.


Our project green house objectives are to provide:


• A platform for which students of St. Catherine’s and the surrounding community of Wongonyi will be able to gain hands-on knowledge of agricultural techniques and green housing, while also developing skills in business and environment.

• A source of funds that will support the higher education of the orphanage’s students, post primary school (secondary school and higher).

• Valuable training to the staff working at the center, which will increase the success of the project and overflow into their personal lives and surrounding community.


This is of course our second greenhouse at the Mghongo Leadership Centre. The first one was financed through the kind donations of Bracebrdige supporters who share Ronnie's vision of a better quality of life in Wongonyi.


Both greenhouses are producing crops for sale and invite local farmers for educational tours.

Sustainable Education Initiative: Greenhouse Development Project

Two Green Houses Green House tomatoes



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